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Welcome to the Bridges Lab protocol site. If you would like to know more about our group, please visit the Bridges Lab Website. All of our experimental protocols are available through this site and are free to use/copy/modify by anyone without any restrictions. You can locate protocols by looking at this index, searching by category (see below) or searching by keyword. If you notice an error, would like to discuss these methods or would like to be able to edit these pages contact us via email.

Protocol Categories

See Special:Categories for as listing of protocols by category.

Lab Safety

Common Protocols

Cell and Tissue Culture

Cloning and Molecular Biology

Cell Biology

Protein Analysis

Protein Quantification

Protein Purification

Transcriptional Analysis

Mouse/Fly Protocols

Fly Stocks


Metabolic Measurements

Tissue Preparation

Media and Buffers

Yeast Media


Lysis Buffers
SDS-PAGE Buffers
Other Buffers

Figure Generation and Data Management