Preparing an Agarose Gel

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  • Agarose
  • TAE Buffer (1X): Dilute from 100X stock
  • Thermo Apparatus (Mold, Holder, Comb and Gel Rig)

Prepare Gel (BioRad Gel Rig)

  1. Place plastic mold securely in holder
  2. Put well comb in mold
  3. Weight out 1.0g agarose and add 100 mL of TAE (1% solution) then return TAE to shelf
  4. Microwave 90s until dissolved
  5. Add 2 uL Gel Red. Swirl to mix and eliminate sediments
  6. Pour into mold
  7. Place gel in cold room if in a hurry
  8. After loading, run gel at 100V