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These are the classes that lab staff need to take at Michigan:

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General Lab Safety

These are offered through MyLink at All lab personnel need to take these

  • BLS025w ONLINE REQUIRED General Laboratory Safety Training (online)
  • BLS023 REQUIRED Centrifuge Training (classroom)
  • BLS013w ONLINE REQUIRED Autoclave Standard Operating Procedures (online)
  • BLS101w ONLINE REQUIRED Bloodborne Pathogens (online)

If you will be working with radioactive materials, you will have to take this course as well:

  • RSS006 REQUIRED Radiation Safety Orientation (classroom)

If you will be working with any viruses you will have to take this course as well:

  • BLS008 REQUIRED Working Safely with Viral Vectors (classroom)

If you plan to breed animals, you can also take this course:

  • ULAM-10125 Breeding Colony Management for Rats and Mice - Recommended (online)


If you will be working with animals you will have to take these classes. They are all offered through ULAM MLearning ( This requires a levels 2 password.

  • ULAM-10000 Orientation (online)
  • ULAM-10050 Hazards pt.1 (online)
  • ULAM-10055 Hazards pt.2 (classroom)
  • ULAM-10100 Intro Mouse/Rat (online)
  • ULAM-10131 Animal Room Procedures pt.1 (online)
  • ULAM-10132 Animal Room Procedures pt.2 (classroom)
  • ULAM-10105 Lab Mouse Workshop (classroom)

Lab Standard Operating Procedures

For lab specific safety training please review the SOP's and sign them if you will be using any of them. All lab SOP's are available here