Adipocyte Cell Counting with ImageJ

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ImageJ Download

  • Download ImageJ from
    • To to open ImageJ, right click on software in applications folder
      • Since the program is downloaded from the internet it will not open up automatically and you must go through applications folder.

Adipocyte Counting Macro

Adipocyte Cell Counting

  • With macro installed, click on segmentation: "s"
    • Set boundaries for sizing of cell
      • Use 40-40,000 for size typically.
    • Change thresholding method to Default.
  • Open image of interest.
  • Click on segmentation "s"
  • Select freehanding tool to outline any cells that were not counted
    • To add freehanded cell to ROI manager, click command + T
  • Once all cells have been outlined, and misnumbered/outlined cells have been removed, click on measure
    • Copy and save measurements to Excel spreadsheet

To save image of outlined cells

  • Make sure all cells are outlined.
  • Click on "Flatten"
  • Save flattened image to folder.