Glucose Tolerance Test

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Materials (Bring Downstairs)

  • Glucometer - AccuChek Advantage
  • Glucose Test Strips - AccuChek Comfort Curve. Order these through Materiels Service by calling 936-6077 and ordering product 2535. For information see [here]. collect in university hospital building, floor B2 in room B2F408 dock 5 across from central pharmacy.
  • Scale
  • Beaker for weighing mice
  • Syringes
  • 10% Glucose in PBS (make as 1g in 10 mL, sterile filtered). This will correspond to 1g/kg glucose injections.
  • Timer


  1. Remove food from mice for about 6h. Add do not feed tag to cages.
  2. Bring mice to procedure room. Put water bottle on cage.
  3. Weigh mice, mark tails as necessary and take fasting glucose measurement. If necessary also take blood for Measuring Fasting Insulin by filling a heparinized capilary about 2/3 full with blood.
  4. Prepare glucose syringes with 10 uL per g mouse weight (ie for a 30g mouse, 300 uL).
  5. At 1 min intervals, inject appropriate amount of glucose into interperitoneal cavity of the mouse.
    1. Immobilize mouse and restrain tail with one hand
    2. Aim needle between the midline and the hip bone
    3. Insert syringe (do not inject) into cavity
    4. Pull up syringe and ensure that only air is aspirated. If urine or blood appears in the syringe, start over
    5. Eject syringe.
  6. At desired intervals (normally 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 min), take blood glucose measurements from tail vein