YPD Media and Agar

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  • YPD Medium (Clontech 630409)
  • Agar (if making plates)
  • Adenine Hemisulfate if making YPDA. Dissolve to 0.2% and autoclave.


  • Weigh out 5g/100 mL of media
  • If making plates, add 2g/100mL of bacto-agar
  • Stir to dissolve and check that pH is at 5.8
  • Autoclave for 15 min at 121C using the liquid cycle
  • If making YPDA plates let cool to ~55C add 1.5 mL/100mL adenine
  • If making rapamycin plates let cool to ~55C add desired amount of rapamycin
  • Pour plates, let dry and store in the cold room