Nutrition Teaching Resources

As part of UM-SPH's Online MPH program in Population Health Sciences, I filmed several short videos as part of the content of the course. If you are interested, I compiled them in a playlist which can be found here. The videos cover several topics in nutrition ranging from energy balance, to macronutrient and micronutrient properties, to their digestion and absorbtion.

Some of the more popular videos so far are embedded below:

This was a real team effort, and I couldnt' have made these without the help of the UM-SPH Instructional Services team, especially Cassie Radstaak, Monica Rosen, Dustin Moore and Lacey Hamilton.

Molecular Nutrition Videos by Dave Bridges are licensed under CC BY 4.0

Macronutrient Nutrition Notes

The notes we use for NUTR630 are compiled in the form of a book below. These notes were written by Dave Bridges with help from Olivia Anderson and are updated with input from the NUTR630 students:


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