The Signaling Pathways Project, an integrated 'omics knowledgebase for mammalian cellular signaling pathways

Scott Ochsner, David Abraham, Kirt Martin, Wei Ding, Apollo McOwiti, Wasula Kankanamge, Zichen Wang, Kaitlyn Andreano, Ross Hamilton, Yue Chen, Angelica Hamilton, Marin Gantner, Michael Dehart, Shijing Qu, Susan Hilsenbeck, Lauren Becnel, , Avi Ma'ayan, Janice Huss, Fabio Stossi, Charles Foulds, Anastasia Kralli, Donald McDonnell and Neil McKenna

Scientific Data 2019. 6: 252.


Mining of integrated public transcriptomic and ChIP-Seq (cistromic) datasets can illuminate functions of mammalian cellular signaling pathways not yet explored in the research literature. Here, we designed a web knowledgebase, the Signaling Pathways Project (SPP), which incorporates community classifications of signaling pathway nodes (receptors, enzymes, transcription factors and co-nodes) and their cognate bioactive small molecules. We then mapped over 10,000 public transcriptomic or cistromic experiments to their pathway node or biosample of study. To enable prediction of pathway node-gene target transcriptional regulatory relationships through SPP, we generated consensus 'omics signatures, or consensomes, which ranked genes based on measures of their significant differential expression or promoter occupancy across transcriptomic or cistromic experiments mapped to a specific node family. Consensomes were validated using alignment with canonical literature knowledge, gene target-level integration of transcriptomic and cistromic data points, and in bench experiments confirming previously uncharacterized node-gene target regulatory relationships. To expose the SPP knowledgebase to researchers, a web browser interface was designed that accommodates numerous routine data mining strategies. SPP is freely accessible at .


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