Glucocorticoid-Induced Metabolic Disturbances are Exacerbated in Obese Male Mice.

Innocence Harvey, Erin Stephenson, JeAnna Redd, Quynh Tran, Irit Hochberg, Nathan Qi and

Endocrinology 2018. 159: 1-13.


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of glucocorticoid-induced metabolic dysfunction in the presence of diet-induced obesity. C57BL/6J adult male lean and diet-induced obese mice were given dexamethasone and levels of hepatic steatosis, insulin resistance and lipolysis were determined. Obese mice given dexamethasone had significant, synergistic effects on fasting glucose, insulin resistance and markers of lipolysis, as well as hepatic steatosis. This was associated with synergistic transactivation of the lipolytic enzyme ATGL. The combination of chronically elevated glucocorticoids and obesity leads to exacerbations in metabolic dysfunction. Our findings suggest lipolysis may be a key player in glucocorticoid-induced insulin resistance and fatty liver in individuals with obesity.

Author Contributions

Innocence Harvey

Conceptualization Formal Analysis Investigation Methodology Visualization Writing - Original Draft Writing - Review and Editing

Erin Stephenson

Investigation Methodology Writing - Review and Editing

JeAnna Redd

Data Curation Investigation

Quynh Tran

Formal Analysis Methodology Validation

Irit Hochberg

Investigation Writing - Review and Editing

Nathan Qi

Investigation Methodology

Dave Bridges

Conceptualization Data Curation Formal Analysis Funding Acquisition Project Administration Validation Visualization Writing - Review and Editing


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