Measuring Grip Strength

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  • Grip Strength Meter: Use the Metek DFE Grip Meter from the Neuroscience Institute Behavioral Core
  • Mice: You can either do it downstairs or bring the mice upstairs. If you move the mice then make sure they have some time to settle first.
  • Prepare a data sheet with one row per animal and space for 3-5 measurements per animal.


  • Make sure the meter is charged or plugged in and sitting stably on the bench
  • Turn it on, click on the top left button (MODE) until the measurement display says T-PK (Peak Tension) not NORMAL or C-PK (Compression Peak)
  • Zero the reading by pressing ZERO, the reading should be at or near 0.00 N (measure force in Newtons unless a compelling reason to do this otherwise)
  • Pick up the mouse from the cage, and determine its ear tag number.
  • Place the mice on the grate so that is securely grips with all four paws, holding it by the tail.
  • Gently pull the mouse horizontally by the tail away from the sensor until the mouse lets go.
  • Record the peak grip on your data sheet
  • Press zero to reset the instrument
  • Let the mouse recover for 2-3s, then repeat 3-5 times in total
  • Move on to the next mouse