High Fat Diet Treatment

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To place mice on a high fat diet, here is the general protocol:

For C57BL/6J mice, order so that they are 9 weeks of age on the monday of delivery. Start the diet on the Wednesday (10 days later).

Diet Choices

For more information about diets see research diets for caloric content in future diets, use metabolizable energy, not physiological fuel value. Metabolizable energy is more accurate as it is derived from bomb calorimetry

Food Souces and Notes about their Composition
Food Vendor Code Caloric Content Fat Protein Sucrose Starch Notes
Normal Chow Diet Lab Diet 5L0D 2.91 kcal/g 5% 24% 3.7% 32% Provided by ULAM
High Fat Diet Research Diets D12451 4.73 kcal/g 45% 20% 17% 7% Pink
Control Diet (High Sucrose) Research Diets D12450B 3.85 kcal/g 10% 20% 35% 31% Yellow
Control Diet (High Starch) Research Diets D12450H 3.85 kcal/g 10% 20% 17% 44% Peach
Control Diet (KD) Research Diets D1053001 3.8 kcal/g 10% 15% 0% 75% Pellet form
Ketogenic Diet Research Diets D17053002 6.4 kcal/g 85% 15% 0% 0% Paste form

Treatment Protocol

  1. Start when mice are 10 weeks of age.
  2. For High Fat Diet mice place in cages 4 mice/cage as early as possible. Can us 5 mice/cage for normal chow/control diets.
  3. Re-cage (and ear tag mice if necessary) mice and replace food with ~400g food in the container. Record this weight.
  4. This food should last 2 weeks.
  5. Weigh mice at ~10 AM either weekly or bi-weekly and re-weigh food to determine food intake. Top up to 400g.
  6. Generally treatment lasts 12 weeks.